Monday, October 20, 2008

Internet Librarian - Implementing Web 2.0 at a Library

Looking back, it seems like I was so focused on my presentation that I missed a lot of excellent presentations at this conference. Too bad it wasn't on the first day instead of the last day. :-)

Implementing Web 2.0
The presenters spoke about how they do this at the Columbus Public Library.
I thought their job titles said it all, actually-- I don't think any libraries had job titles like this as recently as five years ago.

Joy Marlow - Digital Experience Analyst
Sam Davis - Applications Programmer

Selling ideas to administratiors and staff
Your personal learning curve & your staff's learning curve
Keeping up with new technology
Bring customer along – if they don’t know how or don’t get what they want, they won’t use it
You’re at the mercy of 3rd party vendors & content providers – ex. Using twitter for updates on your site, when Twitter is down, your updates won't be visible to your staff and patrons
Terms of Use – copyright – for example, you are required to show attribution if you use blogger, google maps on your website
Unclear strategy – who will do it (implement) what will you do, how does it fit in, how does it fit into brand

Engage your staff
Their staff is using the training program developed by Helen Blauer – Learning 2.0 – 23 things
Response has been very enthusiastic. They put short videos up on their staff website about people who are using the new technologies and how they are using them.
Engage your customers – Powertools page (blog—post “what technologies are you using, what would you see use do?)
Library toolbar
Believe in what you do – show your passion, to aqdministrators, to customers
Beta – experiment – Their toolbar is in beta, so people know it’s a work in progress, solicit feedback from customers, perpetual beta?

Tips and tricks
Prototyping – create working models of your applications, tools – give people something they can put hands on, look at – Cigtywaall – large multitouch stouch screen == Helsinki Finland – users can interact, move photos around, crop them, interactive—mulyi-touch, multi-functional – put prototype together using youtube videos, took cardboard bos, laptop, vwebcam

Let it be torn apart, get feedback, empowers customers, let’s tool keep making itself better

Don’t be afraqid to fail
Some of this stull won’t work

Keep up with the literacy




SJD said...

Thanks for attending our session. I hope you enjoyed it.

Riven Homewood said...

Of course I enjoyed it! I learned a great deal - thanks!